Monday, April 21, 2014

       Now this is what I'm talking about.
We have more and more mindless eating. Look at how many people eat alone, in cars, eat in front of TV. In France, people linger over food for hours, chatting and bonding with friends. The word companion literally means “one who eats bread with you.” We need to restore the social component of eating.Andrew Weil, M.D.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

An evening walk on the beach with friends in Mexico.
I'm the tall thin lady third from the left standing next to Joe with his hat on. 
Looks like I must be about 5'10"..
Think I'll take all my photos like this from now on. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My SwEET girl is in a play Jungle book this month. She is rocking it and shines like a night sky star.
We had the cast party yesterday and I ate like I was not even on a diet. Like I really forgot. It was freeing and nice. I hate being fat.
Aphrodite Greek Goddess Of Love And Beauty 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Not sure how I'm feeling. I'm trying to not lose it. And trying to lose it. Slipping up a bit and not really looking forward to weighing in. Just hope I haven't gained any weight this month. I know I still have time to lose and I'm not giving up. This blog is starting to be hard to keep up with. Really been busy and trying to keep my head above water. Got to go swimming now. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just about time to drop into bed. Back from Lake Tahoe. It sure is beautiful there. We schlepped stuff in schlepped stuff out. Ate well, really well. Think I might be wearing a little more around the body then when I left just one week ago. Funny I didn't really over eat, just ate more meals in a day then I usually do. It shouldn't be that way. I'm so pooped I can't even think what to say, let alone say something worth reading. so off to bed. till next time. 

T H I S   I S   M Y   B R A I N 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Wow weeeee. Working hard to keep up with a platter of commitments.  Including this blog. I have been working in my yard moving stones and stones and more stones. Love it ! Putting in a new patio in my back yard garden. Took out a very large Mulberry tree that was taking over the under ground world of the gnomes that live there. Happy are they now. One thing with this dieting plan I haven't done was to join a gym and work out. SO working this week was a welcomed treat to drop dead in bed at night and hurt every time I stopped and started moving again. very funny shit. 
I am off to Tahoe this week for work and a little lake time. Hoping I have good choice when eating out. I know it will be my choice to make. namaste 

Friday, March 14, 2014

I am dreaming of my travels to Morocco. Cody one of my sons asked me to find his chubby photos. He is now thin, strong, tall and handsome and his co-workers don't believe he was ever chubby. Looking for his photos has me whirling in my mind of all things left to do in my life. There is so many beautiful places in this world. Cultures so different then ours. We can learn so much from traveling and sharing in a tiny bit of their lives. These men and women are not on diets. They work for a life. They were some of the happiest, kind and caring folks I have met. I would love to go back someday. The spices are to die for. LOVE Moroccan food. 

                                           M O R O C C O   2013   

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Had a wonderfully tasty raw food lunch with my nieces last week. All good stuff, health served on a plate right to your table. Laughter, good thoughts, sunshine and beauty. Wow! How can it get better? Lose 10 pounds this month thats how. Well thats not going to happen. To many celebrations this month and it's funny when it's free it taste great and I need to eat like it's my last meal. What the blazing saddles it that all about. We have a lunch date with friends today, let see how I do..... Will report back later. 
My husband it going out of town this week so I'll play catch up on not eating like it's the last supper.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Well if I would put off posting I would get behind and posting keeps me connected. It's not easy to follow anyone. I have to dig every time. I'm sorry for not being a better cheerleader for you lovely glamour worriers . 

Slip sliding around this week. On then off. Well, I guess I'm always on but just sucking at it. This is why weighing is always best once a month and not weekly!Okay, I keep tying stuff then delete delete so I guess I really don't have much to say right now so I'll just tell what I'm eating. Food that I'm eating that are low in calories. Kimchi, kale chips, jicama (sp) fire roasted red pepper tomato bisque.All easy and ready in min. I am also eating salsa like it's soup. Go to your local mexican deli counter and choose from several kinds. Red fire roasted pepper, green, mild, hot, medium smooth or chunky all kinds.  I like mine hot, but mild is great if you want to eat a bowl full. All low in calorie and good tasting. I also use chop stick and a long handle spoon with a small bowl on the end.That's it for now my ladies, remember to drink lots and lots of water. Wine only on the weekends.  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Olive oil with Himalayan  sea salt
Kale going into a 275degree oven four 15 minuets 
I love KALE chips! Easy to make, easy to eat...
The thick leaves are best to use, but anything will do. Just put olive oil on them and don't be afraid to use your hands. They will love your for it.((your hands)) salt your chips. You may want to use more then you think. Still using your hands spread it around. At this time you can add other spices as well. I add hot pepper or cumin. Try curry or any other favorite spice that will get eating kale chips. I LOVE THEM . I did say that already didn't I. Good luck to ladies of being thinner by choice. The chips will be crispy so check them out at 15 min. but you may need to leave them in a little longer. Also you do not want them to be wet from washing them. So dry and air them out before you basically dehydrate them.  

Now for another fun part of the experience.  After you are done spreading oil, salt and spices into your kale, rub rub rub your hands together, enjoy your massage and new soft hands. 

win win
Ukelady Saddie